Terra Bioforge has the fastest and broadest platform for discovering and producing natural products, enabling customers to go from idea to market significantly faster. We can do in weeks and months what used to take years and decades. There are countless customers and compounds that could benefit from our technology.

We offer our partners custom solutions in:

  • Pathway identification – patented bioinformatics, metabolomics, and machine learning workflows to identify and link your microbial metabolites with their biosynthetic pathways
  • Pathway engineering – patented synthetic biology tools to capture, manipulate, and screen intact Biosynthetic Gene Clusters (BGCs) that encode your valuable natural product
  • Heterologous expression – natural product scale-up in optimized Aspergillus, Streptomyces, Bacillus, and other heterologous hosts
  • Fungal metabologenomics – proprietary capabilities that precisely identify, clone, and express natural products from fungi – a kingdom of prolific producers of novel chemistry

Please contact us to find out how access to our resources and vision for creating valuable IP can accelerate your natural product discovery and production.


Access to Terra Bioforge Resources

Beyond patented synthetic biology tools – and expertise in applying them – our partners gain access to differentiated metagenomic resources, functional screening, and expression capabilities.

  • BIGDNATM Soil Metagenomic Libraries contain 100 kb inserts, unlike most conventional soil library resources, ensuring more full-length pathways are captured
    • Two unique libraries sourced from separate ecologies ensure broad biological diversity and a low BGC rediscovery rate (<0.01%)
    • Thousands of novel BGCs identified
  • Metagenomic libraries are only as valuable as the biological activities mined from them. At Terra Bioforge, we have leveraged high-throughput functional screens to identify proprietary natural products with the following properties:
    • Anti-MRSA (14 different compounds exhibited this activity)
    • Anti-infective
    • Anti-cancer
  • Terra Bioforge has captured and expressed natural product pathways over 134 times for academic and commercial customers at a rate ~10x faster than conventionally possible. 


Terra Bioforge builds broad, valuable IP independently and with partners

  • BGCs are largely uncharacterized and therefore have limited prior art
  • Each unique pathway presents multiple strategies to create strong IP positions
  • We have two issued patents and one filed provisionally that will be converted in 2022
  • Trade secrets protect our synthetic biology tools, and we regulate access to key protocols to protect them

IP opportunities and protection include:

  • Process patents
  • Production patents
  • Discovery patents
    • Genes, proteins, and pathways
    • Method of use
  • Modified organism patents
    • Heterologous expression
  • Multiple ways to protect genes, proteins, and pathways encoding valuable compounds


Terra Bioforge has partnered with numerous clients across industry and academia:

Bayer Crop Science
Lodo Therapeutics
Warp Drive Bio
John Innes Centre
Joint BioEnergy Institute
Hans Knöll Institute
Auburn University
UC Santa Cruz
UC San Diego
University of North Florida
Florida Atlantic University
Harvard University
University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of Leeds
Northwestern University

Interested in learning more about partnering with Terra Bioforge? Please contact us.