Accelerating Fungal Natural Product Discovery & Production with Metabologenomics & MycoDrive™ Genome Engineering

Kurt Throckmorton will be presenting a talk at the 4th Synthetic Biology of Natural Products Conference in Cancun, Mexico, May 13th, 2024 entitled “Accelerating Fungal Natural Product Discovery & Production with Metabologenomics & MycoDrive™ Genome Engineering“. For more information on the conference and presentation schedule, visit

Dual promoter technology activates a cryptic gene cluster

Terra Bioforge’s technology expands access to nature’s chemistry by enabling activation of cryptic or silent biosynthetic gene clusters. In another recent paper from the Beemelmanns Lab at Saarland University, researchers identified a gene cluster of interest from Actinomadura rubteroloni, the bacterial symbiont of fungus-growing termites that has anti-microbial activity. Many biosynthetic clusters like mdk are

DNAtrap™ BGC cloning featured in new Communications Chemistry paper

Terra Bioforge’s technology enables rapid characterization of biosynthetic gene clusters and their corresponding natural products. In a recent paper out of the Beemelmanns Lab at Saarland University and published in Communications Chemistry, the authors surveyed the chemical diversity of macrolactam natural products. To facilitate characterization of these compounds, the researchers turned to Terra Bioforge for

SIMB RAFT 15 Conference – Invited Talk

Terra Bioforge’s Benjamin Knox, PhD is giving an invited talk at the Recent Advances in Fermentation Technology (RAFT) 15th meeting Oct 29 – Nov 1, 2023 at the Naples Grande Beach Resort in Naples, Florida. The talk is entitled “Raising filamentous fungal production titers with MycoDriveTM technology” taking place during the ‘Next generation strain design:

SIMB Annual Meeting 2023 – Terra Bioforge Invited Talk

Terra Bioforge’s Benjamin Knox, PhD is giving an invited talk at the Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology 2023 Annual Meeting. The talk is entitled “Accelerating natural product discovery and production with synthetic biology” and is during the ‘Modern Natural Product Discovery’ morning session taking place Wednesday Aug 2nd from 8-11:30 AM. We hope to

Terra Bioforge at American Society of Pharmacognosy Annual Meeting

Terra Bioforge’s Robb Stankey is giving a contributed talk at the American Society of Pharmacognosy Annual Meeting taking place July 22-26, 2023 in Rockville, Maryland. The talk is entitled “Directed BGC Cloning Combined with Bacterial and Fungal Expression Tools Uncover Novel Biosynthetic Mechanisms and Validate Metabologenomics”. Register before July 1st at

HudsonAlpha & gener8tor Select Terra Bioforge for Agtech Investment Accelerator

Terra Bioforge is one of five companies selected for the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology AgTech Accelerator program in partnership with global venture firm and startup accelerator gener8tor.  Selected among hundreds of applicants the current cohort represents five companies with significant potential to impact agricultural products, technology, and global health. With $100K investment and a 12

Terra Bioforge Awarded Phase I SBIR Grant to Produce Novel Enfumafungin Chemical Analogues

Terra Bioforge was awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of the National Institutes of Health under Award Number R43AI174407 to discover and engineer new fernene triterpene chemical analogues of enfumafungin. Belonging to a new class of antifungal compounds called fungerps, enfumafungin is the

New publication on Fungal Metabologenomics by Terra Bioforge

Terra Bioforge’s paper on “Correlative metabologenomics of 110 fungi reveals metabolite–gene cluster pairs” was published March 6th, 2023 in Nature Chemical Biology . This paper demonstrates the setup and implementation of a novel Fungal Metabologenomics platform for accurately linking valuable natural product molecules with their respective biosynthetic gene clusters – overcoming a huge historical bottleneck